Pore Purifying Cleanser

Demme Rae Skincare

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This gentle, sulfate free cleanser uses natural Salicylic Acid and other naturally derived cleansing agents to dissolve surface oils and balance the flora deep within the pores without causing irritation or redness. Skin will be left feeling ultra clean, never tight or dry. 


Key Benefits

  • Dissolves oil without drying the skin
  • Deep cleans to keep pores under control
  • Balances flora deep within the pores


Skin Type/Condition

Acne-Prone, Oily, Congested, Skin needing deep cleansing


Suggested Use

Mix a small amount of cleanser with water in hands and massage gently into the skin for 1-2 minutes. Rinse well


Key Ingredients

4-terpineol: highly purified active fraction of Australian Tea Tree oil; delivers broad-spectrum inhibition of hostile skin flora without irritation or allergens associated with Tea Tree Oil

Yucca: desert plant rich in naturally-cleansing saponins, won't dry skin

Willow Bark (salix nigra): natural Beta Hydroxy Acid, helps dissolve dead surface cells blocking pores, purifies

  • Eucalyptus, wild thyme, sage, peppermint: pore-purifying essential oil blend